Membership Criteria.

Practitioner member

  1. Qualifications obtained from China: Completion of a five year full time undergraduate course with Bachelor Degree of Chinese medicine and/or Acupuncture or equivalent;
  2. Qualifications obtained in Australia: Holder of a Bachelor's Degree or Master degree by course work in Chinese medicine and/or Acupuncture accredited by FCMA or accredited by CMBA.
  3. Qualification obtained from overseas: Holder of a Bachelor's Degree (five years full time) in Chinese medicine and/or Acupuncture, which was awarded from institutions accredited based on the course accreditation policy of FCMA or accredited by CMBA.
  4. All courses that led to award the above qualifications must contain a minimum of 400 hours or 10 weeks full time supervised clinical practical training.
  5. A practitioner member who intends to practise Chinese herbal medicine and/or acupuncture must to demonstrate evidence of registration with the relevant division(s) in the CMBA.

Remedial massage therapist member

Such a member is able to provide remedial massage therapy in Australia.
Qualifications: Diploma of Therapeutic Massage with certificate code of HLT 50302 or HLT 50307

All practitioner members and remedial massage therapist members are required to have

  1. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Policy that meets the PII arrangements registration standard published by the CMBA.
  2. Valid Senior/Workplace First Aid Certificate.

Associate member

Such a member is not able to practice in Australia and shall not have right for vote in General Meeting.

  1. A distinguished overseas scholar or similar who FCMA wishes to honour
  2. Full time student who is enrolled a course of Chinese herbal medicine and/or acupuncture approved by CMBA.
  3. Overseas member who is not practising Chinese medicine in Australia.
  4. Member who is registered with non-practising registration in CMBA.

Our Constitution.

You can download our constitution in PDF format below

The FCMA Constitution

FCMA Mutual Agreement 2015

You can download the FCMA Mutual Agreement 2015 in PDF format below

The FCMA Mutual Agreement 2015