Health Fund Recognition.

The following health funds pay benefits for Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine or Remedial massage provided by FCMA members

  • Australian Regional Health Group Ltd (ARHG)
    ARHG includes the following health funds:
    • A.C.A Health Benefits Fund (ACA)
    • Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund (CDHBF)
    • CUA Health Limited (CUA)
    • Defence Health (DH)
    • Frank Health Insurance (part of GMHBA)
    • Geelong Medical and Hospital and Benefits Association Ltd (GMHBA) including Frank Health & Budget Direct
    • Hospital Benefit Fund (HBF) including GMF Health
    • Pty Ltd (NIA)
    • Health Care Insurance Limited (HCI)
    • Health Partners
    • HIF WA
    • Latrobe Health Services (Federation Health) (LHS) including Federation Health
    • Lysaght Peoplecare Limited (LP) (part of Peoplecare)
    • Mildura District Hospital Fund (MDHF)
    • Navy Health Fund (NH)
    • Onemedifund (OMF)
    • Peoplecare
    • Phoenix Health Fund (PH)
    • Police Health Fund (PHF)
    • Queensland Country Health Ltd (QCH)
    • Railway & Transport Health Fund Ltd (RTH)
    • Reserve Bank Health Society (RBHS)
    • St. Luke's Health (StLH)
    • Teachers Federation Health (TFH)
    • Teachers Union Health Fund (TUH)
    • Transport Health (TH)
    • Westfund (WF)
  • Australian Health Management (AHM)
  • Australian Unity Friendly Society (AU)
  • Bupa Australia (BUPA) *
    Bupa includes the following health funds:
    • ANZ Health Insurance
    • HBA
    • MBF
    • Mutual Community
    • NRMA Health Insurance
    • SGIO Health (MBFA)
    • SGIC Health
  • Commonwealth Bank Health Service (CBHS)
  • CUA Health Fund (formerly Credicare)
  • Grand United Health (GUH) (Now part of NIB)
  • Medibank Private (MBP)
  • NIB
  • PA Health Benefits Fund

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Updated on 20th March 2019