Chinese Medicine in Australia.

Chinese Medicine has been used in Australia for more than a hundred years since the Gold Rush. Yet only a short few years ago Chinese Medicine Practitioners where scarcely seen anywhere in the country, the Federation's Victorian branch, Society of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture (Vic.) Inc., (SCMA), for example, has grown from the 12 members of its preceding organisation in 1991 to 208 members of today. Growth has also appeared in other branches of the Federation.

The services provided annually for the Chinese ethnic group as well as other people are not only numerically significant, but constantly growing. Greater demand has invited the expansion of the profession.

Though often referred to as alternative medicine, Chinese Medicine is to many people their first choice, and to many others the best resort in areas where western orthodox medicine cannot help.

Chinese Medicine is trusted by the public because of its:

  • Chemical-free treatments
  • Efficacy
  • Low adverse effects
  • Holistic approach
  • Complete health maintenance system and
  • Cost effectiveness

Its importance is reflected in the fact that courses in Chinese Medicine are taught in Australian tertiary institutions.