FCMA Annual General Meeting and Symposium 2013 was successfully held on 6 October 2013

27th October 13

General Information
• To summarise the activities of FCMA in the previous year
• To create a platform for academic exchange
• To communicate with each other
• To elect Committee members for Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (VIC) (FCMA-Victorian branch)

Who: VIPs:
• Hon Ken Smith MP, Speaker, Legislative Assembly, Victoria
• Hon Robert Clark MP, Attorney-General of Victoria, Minister for Finance and Minister for Industrial Relations
• Mr Song Yu Min, Consul General, Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Melbourne
• Ms Gladys Liu, Multicultural Advisor to Premier, Victoria
• Ms Debra Gillick, Executive Officer, Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
• Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine: 5 delegates
• Department of Health, Shandong Province, 3 delegates

FCMA National Board members: 17

Participants : 175

When: 6 October 2013

Where: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne

FCMA National Board Meeting
• Annual report by Tzi Chiang Lin, President
• Activities reported by each sub-committees
• Amendments of FCMA’s Constitutions
• Strategic planning for FCMA
Launch of FCMA Journal • FCMA official journal, Australian Journal of Chinese Medicine and Science, was launched.
• The first Chinese and English bilingual peer-reviewed Chinese medicine journal in Australia providing a conduit of scientific and clinical information and a forum where issues are debated and creative ideas and experiences interchanged

• 14 speakers shared their experience in clinical practice, research, teaching and policy
• Topics covered
o Chinese medicine regulation in Australia
o Systematic reviews of Chinese herbal medicine for atopic dermatitis and acupuncture for obesity
o Experience in teaching Chinese gynaecology
o Clinical application of navel acupuncture, emotion pulse theory and I medicine
o Case reports of Chinese herbal medicine and/or acupuncture for rehabilitation after cancer surgery, IVF-pregnancy and tonsil enlargement
o Unique techniques and applications of Yunnan ethnic medicine
o Mechanism of releasing the exterior formulas for prevention and treatment of upper respiratory tract infection

Election of FCMA-Vic Committee members
• 13 members were elected.
• VIPs witnessed the entire process.