2015 Annual General Meeting and the international Symposium

17th October 15

The theme of the International Symposium is “Latest clinical developments in Chinese medicine”. The Organising Committee of “FCMA AGM and Symposium 2015” will invite experts from Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine to exchange the up-to-date information on Chinese medicine practice. In addition, the Organising Committee is inviting all FCMA members to submit abstracts with 300 words to share your clinical experience if you wish to present in the Symposium section. The scope includes, but not limited to, systematic reviews, clinical studies, case reports, and precision medicine (individualised medicine).
The peer-review panel of the Organising Committee will inform the corresponding author for preparation of bilingual PowerPoint slides once the abstracts are accepted by mid-October 2015. The presenter must be one of the authors listed on the abstracts and must register for the FCMA AGM & Symposium 2015. Submission of the paper means the author(s) allows the paper to be published on the proceedings of the Symposium and FCMA’s journal. Members who have submitted a paper will encounter extra hours of CPD in category of non formal activities.