29th July 16

Mr Miao Zhen is the founder of the Royalty Stretching Therapy, the Director of the Royalty Fitness Company, Executive Deputy Delegation of China Amazing Spine Lecturer Team, Health Advisor of many group companies, invited lecturer for many Class 3A hospitals. During the past ten years, he has provided training in China, America, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand for over a hundred of times which has brought more than 60,000 attendees and produced over 6,000 skilful students, including well known professors and scholars, in the stretching therapy nationally and internationally. Mr Miao has devoted himself to muscular functions and anatomy, rehabilitation training as well as biomechanics of lower limbs for more than ten years. Particularly the theories and skills in dynamic monitoring before stretching and analysis of muscular functions have been applied to clinical diagnosis and treatment decision-making. This has significantly changed the weakness in dealing with soft tissues in hospitals which focuses on morphological analysis and static monitoring. Mr Miao initially advanced the viewpoint and therapeutic manipulations on the feet to holistic health and force line on spine and joints in medical communities. This has drawn strong attention from physicians, rehabilitation therapists and coaches. In this seminar, Mr Miao will introduce the development of Royalty Stretching Therapy and its classification, characteristics, advantages, clinical applications and contraindications.