FCMA/SCMA SEMINAR 1, 2016-2017

3rd December 16

Dr Zhaogang Guo, a professor from Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a Masters by research supervisor, the Director of the Teaching and Learning Steering Committee, and the Director of Teacher Development Centre. Prof Guo worked as a lecturer of otorhinolaryngology at Yunnan University of TCM after he graduated from there in 1983. Between 1985 and 1988, he followed Prof Jingshu Tan, one of the most famous otorhinolaryngologist to conduct his postgraduate study. He has focused on the clinical practice, teaching and research in otorhinolaryngology using CM and Integrative Medicine for many years. He is a famous otorhinolaryngologist in Yunnan Province. Currently he serves as a member of the Otorhinolaryngology in CM Expert Committee, Otorhinolaryngology in Integrative Medicine Committee. He was awarded as the “Famous CM Doctor” by Health Department of Yunnan Province in 2006. Based on his clinical experience, Prof Guo has built up such theories as “Treating suppurative otorhinolaryngological disease as a fester condition”, “Unconsolidated Wei due to Lung qi deficiency is the basic pathogenesis of Bi Qiu (allergic rhinitis)”, and “treatment of tinnitus with a focus on descending adverse qi and calming the mind”. Prof Guo has published the textbook “Otorhinolaryngology in Integrative Medicine” as Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and co-authored “CM theory and clinical skills in urban community clinics”. Prof Guo also published over 20 journal articles.
In this seminar, Prof Guo will systematically review the mechanisms, aetiology and pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, diagnosis and syndrome differentiation of allergic rhinitis from CM view. Furthermore, he will also share his personal experience in treating allergic rhinitis using herb formula by analysing real cases.