1st March 17

Chinese Parallel & Perpendicular Acupuncture Technique (CPPAT) is also called Soft Tissue Dyskinesia Parallel & Perpendicular Acupuncture Technique, which was established by the Qian brothers (Shijin Qian & Dejin Qian) in 1970s. After completing the animal and human trials, in 2014 CPPAT was recognised as the professional continuing education project by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China.
CPPAT is based on the Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture theory, and further developed the traditional acupuncture theory. It combing the traditional acupuncture and modern western medicine, can treat dyskinesia pain conditions and internal disorders. CPPAT, using only small amount of needles, has proven to be an effective, safe and easy-to-learn method.
In this seminar, Dr Qian will share his experience of using CPPAT to treat Cervical Muscular Syndrome.