1st March 17

Dr Jigeng Huang, a professor from Shanghai University of l Chinese Medicine, is a supervisor for postgraduate students. Prof Huang has been worked as a clinical practitioner in Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai and conducted teaching and research in Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine, He also obtained his Medical degree of Western Medicine in 1957 from Beijing Medical College.
From 1970s, Prof Huang focused on the clinical practice and research in respiratory diseases, such as Chronic Bronchitis and Bronchial Asthma. Prof Huang co-authored the “Clinical Handbook of Internal Chinese Medicine”, “Handbook of Modern Internal Chinese Medicine” and textbook "Clinical Internal Chinese Medicine”. He also presented as a keynote speaker in some international conferences and to date published over 12 journal articles. Given his outstanding experience and qualification, Prof Huang acted as the Leader of Herbal medicine group of SARS Treatment and Prevention Committee, Shanghai in 2003, and was appointed as the “Famous Chinse Medicine practitioner of Shanghai’.
In this seminar, Prof Huang will review the syndrome differentiation of coughing & Asthma and share his personal experience in treatment by analysing real cases.