6th March 18

Dr. Jian Kang, an associate professor from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, works as a clinical practitioner since 70s. Currently he also serves as a communittee member of Occupational Skill Testing Authority (Guangzhou, China). A/Prof. Kang has been acted as the examiner of the occupational skill testing for Masseur and Scrapping practitioner. Given his outstanding experience, A/Prof Kang has been invited to give public lectures in HK, Macao and Southeast Asia.
A/Prof. Kang has been followed some famous Chinese Medicine experts, such as Professors Chusheng Xu, Zaiwen Lai, Yilai Li and Yaojian Chen. Furthermore, he also has abundant clinical experience in thoracic surgery diseases and acupuncture for rehabilitation. While he was working in the rehabilitation department, he focused on combining the meridian theory and anatomy knowledge together for treatment. A/Prof. Kang is good at using the various treatment methods including acupuncture, massage, cupping and scrapping for pain conditions. In this seminar, he will share his 40-year experience of treating tension-type headache.