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FCMA - Webinar 2 (ZOOM) February 2024

15th February 24

Discussion on the Pathogenesis of Jue Yin Disease in Shang Han Lun and Application of Wu Mei Wan Group Formula Organiser: Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia (FCMA) 主办方:澳洲全国中医药针灸学会联合会 Host: FCMA-VIC 承办方:FCMA维州分会 Attendees: Members of FCMA 出席者:FCMA 会员 Enquiries: Text or phone Dr Yanyi Wang on 0423 427 330 联系人:王焱燚博士,短信或致电:0423 427 330 Join the webinar by click the following zoom link 网络视频会议链接如下: Or you can use 或使用以下信息登录: Meeting ID (会议号):881 1791 096 Passcode (密码):123456

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