Submissions (2012)

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14/12/2012 FCMA Submission for the Infection Control Guidelines for acupuncture practice in Australia
FCMA believes it is critical to develop uniform specific guidelines for acupuncture practice across all States and Territories, under the guidance of the Australian Guidelines to fulfil the registered or endorsed acupuncturists’ obligations to protect the safety of the public. The guidelines proposed by the Board do not achieve this, particularly when the existing State or Territory requirements for acupuncturists could override the guidelines approved by the Board. The specific guidelines should be feasible and accessible to all practitioners.
Submission on acupuncture infection control
07/07/2012 FCMA Response to Consultation Paper Release By The Medical Board of Australia on 22 March 2012
The Federation for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Societies of Australia Ltd (the FCMA) is pleased to be given the opportunity to respond to the Medical Board of Australia regarding the registration standard for endorsement for acupuncture. First all, we believe that the terms “endorsement” and “registration” be clarified with regard to the practice of acupuncture within the current context of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.
Submission for endosement of acupunture 2012