Submissions (2018)

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01/11/2018 Regulation of Australia’s health professions: keeping the national Law up to date and fit for purpose (2018).
We also strongly urge that the National Boards would seriously consider not allowing dry needling (DN) to be practiced by any non-registered or non-endorsed acupuncturist. Although there is no title to protect for DN practitioners, the public is misled to believe that DN is acupuncture recognised by the National Board and that the practitioners are registered or endorsed to practice. If this is allowed to continue, the National Board would have gravely neglected its responsibility to ensure public health and safety.
FCMA submission about dry needling
14/06/2018 FCMA responses to CMBA proposed registration standards
FCMA responded to CMBA proposed registration standards in Professional indemnity insurance, Continuing professional development and Recency of practice.
FCMA responses to CMBA proposed registration