Seminar 2 2013

16th April 13

Professor Liping Yang graduated from the West China University of Medical Sciences and holds a PhD from RMIT University with a focus on herb-drug interactions. Currently she serves as the Director of Clinical Pharmacology Division, Department of Pharmacy at the Beijing Hospital of Ministry of Health. She is also the Secretary for the Expert Committee of Clinical Drug Safety in China Association of Health Promotion and Vice Secretary for Personalised Medicine Committee. Professor Yang has been working in the pharmacology field for nearly 30 years. She is experienced in dispensing, manufacturing and analysing medications such as pharmacogenetic tests and evidence-based pharmacology. She had advanced training in clinical pharmacology at the University of Tokyo in Japan and the Medical Centre of the Monash University in Australia. She is in charge of a number of national research projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, China. She has published a number of articles in the international peer-reviewed journals. In this seminar, Professor Yang will systematically introduce the interactions between Chinese herbs and western drugs and interpret their significance in the clinical practice using numerous real cases.