Seminar 4 2013 Victoria Branch

2nd August 13


Mr Kim Khiat TYE has had a life-long romance with English, first, using it communicatively to teach before gravitating to journalism and linguistics. He spent 35 years in the newspaper industry, holding many senior editorial positions. He has also lectured on writing, communications and journalism skills. He graduated from the University of London (BA Honours) and also obtained an MA in Applied Linguistics from Monash. Additionally, he holds a Diploma in Industrial Editing (UK), a Diploma in Journalism (London), and a Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (UK). Furthermore, he has completed courses in Communications with the University of Toronto and the National Training Laboratory, USA. Currently, he teaches English Language as a first language to VCE students. In this seminar, Mr Tye will focus on interacting with your patients using the right language. He will explain how to understand your patient better by learning Australian English and culture. He will also introduce some slang, idiomatic and figurative language, and a working vocabulary in medical environment.