FCMA/SCMA Victoria - SEMINAR No 5, 2019 Seminar on 11/8/2019

23rd July 19

Outcomes: This seminar discusses the mechanism of Shao Yang disease and the application of the Chai Hu group of formulas in accordance with the theories of Shang Han Lun.
Yingfeng LIU is a professor and PhD supervisor at the Chinese Medicine University of Jiangxi. He studied for many years under the renowned Chinese medicine academic Professor Hesheng Yao and classical formula expert Ruichun Chen. Prof Liu has long been committed to researching Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis with reference to classical literature. Currently he is the vice president of the Classical Formula group of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, has taken the lead role in over 10 high level national and state research projects and has published over 60 articles. Professor Liu has significant experience in applying the theories of Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis found in classic literature in the treatment of persistent fever, the sequelae and complications of the common cold, chronic fatigue, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and hyperglycaemia, neurological disorders and allergic disease. In this seminar, Professor Liu will discuss the mechanism of Shao Yang disease as described in classical literature, and provide insights on the clinical application of the Chai Hu group of formulas in Shao Yang patterns.