FCMA - Webinar 2 (ZOOM) February 2024

15th February 24

Certification of CPD:
Attendees should keep evidence of attendance i.e. the notice flyer and screenshot of the webinar then enter details on the 2023-2024 FCMA CPD record cards. A digital attendance certificate is free for FCMA members who are audited by Ahpra or private health funds. A digital attendance certificate can also be issued by the host once the attendee or FCMA member pays $30.00 administrative fees.
Biography of the presenter
Dr Yingfeng LIU, is a professor and PhD supervisor the Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine. He has awarded as one of the famous Chinese Medicine (CM) practitioners and academic leader of CM theory in Jiangxi province. Currently he is the vice president of the Classical Formula group of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. He studied for many years under the renowned Chinese medicine academic Professor Hesheng Yao and classical formula expert Ruichun Chen. Prof Liu has long been committed to researching Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis with reference to classical literature, specific in Shang Han Lun. Professor Liu has significant experience in applying the theories of Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis found in classic literature in the treatment of persistent fever, the sequelae and complications of the common cold, chronic fatigue, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and hyperglycaemia, neurological disorders and allergic disease.
Prof Liu has more than 40 years experience in clinical practice and research. He has involved over 10 national research projects and published 60 articles. In this seminar, he will disucss the pathogenesis of Jue Yin Disease in Shang Han Lun and share his experience in using Wu Mei Wan Group Formula.